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Five Things You Should Know

1. Cleveland, Texas was incorporated as a township in 1885.  The first settlers arrived in 1832!

2. Burton Tarkington, along with other families, relocated to the east of Cleveland.  Tarkington Prairie was named after the area between Cleveland and Dayton.  

3. Home to the Double Lake Recreation Area. Created in 1937, it is named after the 23-acre Double Lake.  Activities include a 22-mile mountain bike trail, a 5-mile hiking trail, a sandy beach for swimmers, and various picnice and camping areas.  

4. Cleveland is also home to the Grand Oaks Reserve, a golf course community.  With over 900 single-family homes and over 250 condos, this is the perfect place to raise your family.  

5. Connected to Houston and other cities/towns via Hwy. 59, Cleveland is easily accessed.

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